Read Chapter 1

“Wonderful…Welcome to Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs with a Winnipeg twist.”

~Winnipeg Free Press

I just finished reading Ravenscraig and had to tell you that I found it an absolutely fascinating book. Our Book Club, Timothy Bean’s in Stonewall is reading it this month. The history of the settlement and growth of Winnipeg is very interesting. Your research is thorough, the story line great.  The ending superb.  There could be a sequel.  I wish you great success and look forward to your next novel.  Congratulations on a great book.

~Terry Connon

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If you would like to order an autographed copy, you may order directly from me.  Please write to me at:

To sample another chapter, please click here to read Stalwart Peasants in Sheepskin Coats. The excerpt is at the end of the blog post.  Here you will also learn something of my own family history.  My ancestors were among the first Ukrainian speaking immigrants to settle in Manitoba in 1896.

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